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The 5 Best Performing La Liga Clubs To Date

La Liga Santander is one of the most competitive football competitions worldwide, with fierce pride exhibited by the fans and players alike.

The tournament began in February 1929 and it is known formally as the Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División. Read on to discover the top teams who have been crowned champions more than once, thanks to the talent they have recruited and enviable game strategies.

1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid is top of the La Liga list as they have won an incredible 34 La Liga titles along with winning 91 titles – both nationally and internationally. The club was first started in 1902 as the Madrid Football federation, before King Alfonso XIII bestow the name royal to the club (real) in 1920.

They have 11 Super Copa de España and a Copa de La Liga titles under their belt and have won a total of 19 Copa del Rey trophies to boot, as well as enjoying 13 UEFA Champions League titles, and 2 UEFA Europa League titles.

2. Barcelona

With 26 La Liga titles to their name the Spanish side of Barcelona, commonly known as Barça, has plenty of other titles to be proud of. They have 94 national and international title wins with an amazing 30 Copa del Rey trophies too.

They were founded as Football Club Barcelona in November 1899, in Catalonia, Spain and were originally led by Joan Gamper. Some of their accolades to date include winning 13 Super Copa de España trophies, along with two Copa de La Liga titles, and five UEFA Champions Leagues.

3. Athletic Bilbao

As one of the only Spanish sides who have never been relegated and with eight La Liga title wins to their name, Athletic Bilbao is a force to contend with whenever they take the field. Their nickname, Los Leones is apt as they have won a total of 34 titles – nationally as well as internationally.

They are based within Bilbao, Biscay and were founded in 1898. Apart from their La Liga prowess, they have also won 23 Copa del Rey trophies and 2 Super Copa de España trophies too.

4. Atletico Madrid

The Spanish side of Atletico Madrid has been a good contender for the last few years, with 10 La Liga titles to date, and having won a total of 31 national and international games.

They have won 10 Copa del Rey trophies, as well as 2 Supercopa de España ones, and have also secured a three wins in the UEFA Europa League. The club dates back to 1903, nearly 100 years before you could enjoy the online gambling Nigeria has to offer, when they were founded on the 26th of April and were called Athletic Club Sucursal de Madrid.

5. Valencia

The Spanish side Valencia has the final spot on the list, having won a total of 6 La Liga titles, as well as 8 Copa del Rey trophies. The teams nicknamed, unsurprisingly, is Els Taronges which translates to the Oranges, after the semi-sweet orange fruit in the region.

They were founded in 1919, and have won a Supercopa de España title, as well as a cup in the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup to date. They have also once won the UEFA Europa League, as well as the UEFA Intertoto Cup.