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The Premier League’s All-Time Best Players

Since the formation of the Premier League back in 1992, there have been countless incredibly talented players leaving their mark in the world-famous contest.

Iconic teams like Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea have been the most successful football clubs during this time.

Of course, it stands to reason that most of the EPL’s all-time best players come from those three sides.

Between 1992 and now, Manchester United have won a hefty 13 titles, and 4 of their players have made it onto our top 5 list. Here are 5 of the greatest Premier League talents of all time.

#5: Ashley Cole

Cole is without a doubt the EPL’s greatest left-back. The English native never feared going forwards into victory, and when he played for Arsenal, he was a major attacking threat who worked amazingly on the flanks in both attack and defence.

The player was a crucial part of Arsenal’s invincibles side, and also had many excellent years at Chelsea, becoming pivotal in the club’s success. He has won 3 Premier League titles to date; 2 during his stint in Arsenal, and another one with Chelsea when they won under Carlo Ancelotti.

#4: Alan Shearer

Shearer is the best-ever goalscorer in EPL history, and watching him shoot across the field can only be compared to watching the reels spin on the very best slots NZ games.

The Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United icon is also considered to be the best English striker of all time, holding numerous records like the most goals (34) in a 42-game season, the most goals (31) in a 38-game season, and the most number of hat tricks (11) in the League’s history. He has also won the Golden Boot Award no less than 3 times.

#3: Patrick Vieira

Vieira is a skilled midfield player who captained Arsenal’s invincibles side for a while. He led by example, and was renowned for his passing and tackling abilities, not to mention his sheer grit.

The French midfielder was a natural EPL fit, boasting a formidable combination of height, strength, and precise technique. By the time he retired, he had won 107 caps for France, appeared in six consecutive seasons, and won three Premier Leagues and four FA Cups.

#2: Cristiano Ronaldo

This legendary name in football has gone down in history as one of the greatest players to ever set foot on the pitch.

He spent six years at Manchester United, and managed to win three consecutive EPL titles in 2006-2009. The Portuguese star has been hailed as one of the sport’s most gifted talents, and received his first ballon d’Or award in 2008.

#1: Thierry Henry

This Arsenal champion is renowned worldwide for his incredible skill and rapid defences on the field. He always delivered in the biggest of contests, and formed an integral part of the invincibles squad during his time with them.

His awesome goals and run on the wings made his club a force to be reckoned with, leading to him winning two EPL titles and the Premier League Golden Boot for no less than four seasons!