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The FA Cup’s Most Common Bets

The Football Association cup is one of the most popular soccer events in the world. Taking place every year, it attracts millions of fans from around the planet, and some of the most highly skilled players of our time.

It’s also tends to be a great event for betting, both because it’s supported by most bookmakers, but also because few other tournaments offer quite the same thrills and excitement.

Here we will break down some of the more common types of FA Cup bets that all beginner bettors will want to know before they start their wagering season.

A Straight Up

By far the most common type of bet on the market right now, the straight up may also be referred to as the to-win wager, the moneyline, or the game winner. The rules here couldn’t be simpler: a bettor will put money down on the team that they believe will win.

If the predicted team does, in fact, win a particular match, the bettor is paid out based on the odds given when the bet is taken out. If the team loses, the bettor loses the bet. It’s straightforward, easy to remember, and the perfect starting point.

The Double Chance

This kind of bet came around because a lot of matches in soccer tend to end in ties. Here, there are three distinct possibilities that can be bet on. One is the first team winning, second is the second team beating the first, and the third is the two teams finishing the event in a tie.

The double bet allows the debtor to choose tow of the three outcomes, and as long as one of the two occur, the bet is successful. It tends to be a much easier wager to get right, simply because the chances are higher that one of the conditions will be met.

The odds will vary on each of the three choices, so it’s often a good idea to take the time to check out different bookies to see what kind of odds they better.

Spread Bet

Another great option is the spread bet, and it’s similar to the spread bets that are offered on other popular spots. The difference here, though, is that there will almost always be multiple spread options available, rather than just a single one that will need to be chosen.

The lines may be at the 0.5, 1.5, and 2.5 goals, and each different line offers a unique payout, which is based on the likelihood of the outcome, as well as the other bets that bettors have made in relation to the spread.

Draw No Bet

Similar to the straight up, except with an added level of insurance. A bettor will take money out on a team winning an event and will win if that team is successful on the field.

If the two teams tie the game, however, the money will be fully refunded to the bettor. It’s a great form of entertaining, only rivalled by gaming online and other exciting kinds of bets.