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Ronaldhino Says Man City Can Win Champions League

Not only is Ronaldinho considered to be one of the best players of his generation, but he also is regarded by many to be the single greatest football player of all time. You read that right, the best football player in history!

His skills on the field were incredible to witness, and his agility, dribbling ability, and pace, along with accurate free-kicks, no-look passes, overhead kicks, and tricks have turned him into a living legend. And when a former player of this stature makes a call on the Champions League, you listen!

Manchester City May Win

The former striker for Barcelona and Brazil has backed Pep Guardiola, saying that this is the year that the manager’s barren run will end and Manchester City will win the trophy.

A competition like this could be compared to when you play Roulette for real money. It is a very difficult thing to do well, but if you know what you are doing at the table, you are in with a chance. The same way as skills on the field will get you the win! Ronaldhino said that Guardiola is a good coach and has an excellent team at his disposal, so we could see them breaking through at any time.

He spoke to Reuters while he was in Budapest where he was promoting teqball. Teqball’s a hybrid sport which mixes football and table tennis and can be played by two people as a singles game or between three and even four people as a doubles game. It’s played on a curved table with a ball similar to a football which can be hit by any part of the body except the hands.

They Play a Beautiful Game

In the three seasons that the Spaniard has been heading up Man City, the team has taken two Premier League titles and added an FA and League Cup for a domestic treble last season. The only thing they’ve failed to do is crack the ultimate test in Europe, the Champions League.

39-year old Ronaldhino says that the pass-heavy style of play that Man City demonstrates may be very different from the spectacular individual efforts that marked his career, but the English club remains a perennial contender and plays beautiful football. He said that he doesn’t watch their games in their entirety, usually just the highlights, but stated that whatever he sees of them he’s always liked.

Guarrdiola’s Time With Ronaldhino

Guardiola dropped Ronaldhino from the squad very soon after he took over the position of head coach at Barcelona in 2008. This ended what is now widely considered to be the apex of the Brazilian player’s career, which included guiding Barcelona to a title in the Champion’s League. Ronaldhino then went on to AC Milan but returned to Brazil and Mexico to finish his career after just three seasons.

Although he managed to secure the Champions League while he was playing for Barcelona twice, he failed to do so in his subsequent time at the Bayern Munich and City teams.