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Transfers That Could Still Happen

The Premier League transfer window will be slamming shut very soon, but there are still a few deals outstanding that are very highly anticipated.

Where Will Harry Maguire End Up?

Both Manchester clubs are eager to add the highly-rated defensive player to their teams, and the 26-year old is expecting to leave Leicester to join a bigger club. It all rests on the question of money.

United reneged on a US$125 million bid for Maguire in 2018, calling the valuation excessive, but they’ve come crawling back with the very same offer this year! Leicester, however, has lifted its asking price by more than US$10 million.

The Foxes aren’t under any real pressure to make the sale, either from Maguire or in terms of money. He has remained refreshingly professional for the duration of the process.

Rumours Swirl Around Romelu Lukaku

Manchester United striker Lukaku has also been linked to a big-money move over to Italy for a while now, but the deal isn’t even close to materialising.

Antonio Conte, manager for Inter Milan, has frequently spoken of how much he admires the forward from Belgium and tried to sign Lukaku while he was still managing Chelsea.

After United trounced Inter Milan in the recent pre-season match that saw savvy bettors making big returns at bet365 NZ, Conte again spoke of how Lukaku could improve his team and stated that he hoped a deal would be forthcoming.

But Inter Milan’s offer of US$96 million is a far cry from the US$135 United paid Everton for Lukaku’s talents.

It’s likely that this transfer depends on striker Mauro Icardi departing soon. If this happens, Inter Milan may well make a better offer for Lukaku.

Germany Wants Leroy Sane Back

Superstar Leroy Sane is being headhunted by the most well-known club in his home country!

Bayern Munich, the giants of the Bundesliga, have made it plain that they want to sign the winger for Manchester City. Coach Niko Kovac went so far as to label him a dream player for the club.

Kovac stated that people were working very hard to make this transfer happen and that they would do anything to realise the move.

The depth of the Manchester squad is the envy of every one of their rivals in the Premier League, but the downside of this is that it creates points of issue around the question of playing time.

Although Sane has made a very reasonable 47 appearances across all games in the last season, it looks like the 23-year old wants better guarantees when it comes to minutes for the upcoming 2019/20 season.

Bayern Munich is very willing to offer him this, with Kovac stating that Sane knows what will be expected of him if he moves across. He said that players with the kind of capacity Sane has come to FC Bayern sure of their job description.

Sane’s current contract expires in June 2021, and he has refused to sign a longer deal with City time and time again. He’s turned down 3 improved contracts in the past year.