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The UEFA Champions League: 5 Best Teams of All Time

The UEFA Champions League, also known as the UCL, is one of the most watched football competitions int the world. Organised by the Union of European Football Associations, the top football clubs in Europe participate, with one of them ultimately being crowned the best of the best. It is played by the national league champions of the national associations, and sometimes a few runners up make the cut too.

Initially introduced in 1955, the name and structure of the competition has changed somewhat over the years, originally known as the Coupes de Clubs or the European Cup. Since then, the competition has expanded and tournament style changed into the round-robin, double-legged knockout format that it boasts now.

Today, it’s still one of the most prestigious football competitions and is competed in by the top clubs in the world, all anxious to prove themselves and take the title. Here are the 5 best UEFA Champions League teams of all time.

  1. Ajax

The Ajax took the football world by storm in 1995 when a young team of talented players took to the field and managed to steal a win from one of the favourites, AC Milan. Effectively feeding players into the club side through their Ajax Academy, the team had a youthful squad for a long time to come. Many Ajax players have become known as some of the greats of the football universe.

  1. Barcelona

Largely known as Lionel Messi’s home club, Barcelona is widely regarded as one of the best football clubs in the world and one to watch for online betting offers. Pep Guardiola’s stint as the manager of the team has gone down in history as one of he most successful of all time, Guardiola leading the club to victory after victory over some of their best competitors.

  1. AC Milan

Enjoying their hay day in the mid-2000s, AC Milan is a team that was, and still is, a team full of Italian football superstars. With seven UCL wins in the bag, AC Milan has spent almost its entire existence competing in the top leagues and putting up a fight against the best clubs in the world.

  1. Bayern Munich

A Bavarian team, Bayern Munich has been competitive for many years and is currently experiencing one of its best seasons of all time. Boasting six wins of the UCL, Bayern Munich is considered one of the elite teams and is always a threat for clubs hoping to take the title.

  1. Rael Madrid

Known as the most successful football club to have ever competed in the UEFA Champions League, Real Madrid has won a whopping 14 times. In 2017, the club managed to retain their title after their win the previous year, the first time they’d managed that since 1958. Continuing on an incredible winning streak, Real Madrid claimed a third consecutive win in 2018.