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Fascinating Facts About The Football Association Cup

The FA Cup is one of the most exciting and exhilarating times for those fans from the United Kingdom. The event starts in August of every year and ends later in May of the next year. The teams that take part in the FA Cup are some of the best in the world, and they fight tirelessly against one another in order to win. And it’s a win that’s worth fighting for as it’s the oldest football tournament in the world and was first started as far back as 1871.

Right from the beginning, the FA Cup was incredibly popular right from the first event that took place, and it went on to quickly become one of the most popular of all time and is an absolute favourite among the British people. Fans of the FA Cup will be able to delight their friends and families with these fascinating and unforgettable FA Cup Facts.

The Historic Facts

The longest FA Cup tie last a total of five games, which took place in 1954. The tie came to an end when Bury was able to beat Stoke in their fourth replay, and it remains the longest in history so far.

Derby County set a record in 1903 when they were playing against Bury and earned the highest score line during the final with a final score of 6-0.

West Brom was the first team in the history of the FA Cup to have won the final with a team made up of players that were all born in Britain.

The Spurs are the only non-league team that were able to win the FA Cup, which they did in 1901. Some 60 years later and they once again made their fans proud when they became the first team to win the league as well as the cup double in a short space of time.

The Modern Facts

Of all the teams that have taken part in the FA Cup, Leicester City currently holds the record for reaching the final the most, with a total of four times. Of the four times that they were able to get to the final, not a single one resulted in a victory for the time. Their performance has increased dramatically over the last few years, with the team making huge strides toward winning more games, and they make the perfect example to get your game on with friends.

The very fastest goal that was ever scored during an FA Cup final was 42 seconds, which was scored by Roberto Di Matteo. Di Matteo played for Chelsea and would later go on to manage them all the way to a Champions League title, making one of the most successful players and managers in football history.

Kevin Moran, a player of Manchester United, holds the record for being the first player to have been sent off of the field during an FA Cup final. The game in question was against Everton, and it took place in 1985.