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The Top Wing-backs In The Premier League Right Now

Wing-backs are extremely important to any team, providing equal measures of both attack and defence, and it takes years of practice before a wing-back is able to master the art of blending the two together.

With the current international competition for the best wing-backs in the Premier League, there have been a number of changes since match day 26. These are the top wing-backs in the competition right now.

1. Luke Shaw of Manchester United

Manchester United has been showing a common pattern in recent months. One such is Jose Mourinho who was underperforming at every turn before turning it all around and playing like a star.

Luke Shaw has shown similar changes, and while he was playing better than Pogba when he was still with the Portuguese, the left back has since stepped up his game considerably.

His most recent show of skill was against Fulham, where the player made 8 ball recoveries while playing on the left flank.

2. Aaron Wan-Bissaka of Crystal Palace

With other EPL right backs taking all the spotlight, such as Trent Alexander Arnold and Ricardo Pereira, it’s easy to overlook other right backs that are just as talented. Aaron Wan-Bissaka is one such example, and has done incredibly well in his last few games.

The 21 year old player has been extremely busy throughout the season, and currently leads with 96 of the best tackles in the league so far. His best performance was against West Ham, where he claimed 10 duels and completed 75% of his attempted dribbles.

3. Matt Doherty of The Wolves

Matt Doherty has played an important part in taking Wolverhampton to seventh place so far this season, despite not playing his best in their latest game against Newcastle, in both defence and attack.

The Irish player has since claimed 3 goals and 4 assists for his 26 League appearances, which is every game so far in the season. With 45 tacks, 39 headed clearances, and 66 clearances so far, it’s fair to say that Doherty is one of the best that the league has to offer at this point in time, and is a favourite in both international and Australian sports betting.

4. Ben Chilwell of Leicester City

The season has been strong so far for Ben Chilwell, who has been increasingly making is way to the top. Despite his team of Leicester losing 1-3 against Tottenham, they put up a good fight.

With Ben Chilwell on the left flank throughout the entirety of the game, he made 3 clearances and 4 ball recoveries, and many feel that Manchester City need to increase their bid.

5. Andrew Robertson of Liverpool

Liverpool can boast one of the best wing-backs that the Champions League has to offer. After consecutive draws against both West Ham and Leicester, the team finally won against Bournemouth, and it’s due to Robertson playing a good game.

The Scottish player was playing his best while assisting Wijnaldum’s winning goal.